About Us

Lifetime Security Tech Inc (LST) is a Canadian-based company that prides itself in providing cutting-edge security technology to Canadians. Since establishment, we have made tremendous strides in technological innovation and market outreach. In recent years, we have partnered with api Alarm Inc. to provide quality and state-of-the-art alarm monitoring services to our customers at affordable prices.


Our philosophy of hard work and dedication to our customers has led us to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the security industry. When you call in to LST, you will always be taken care of by a live professional agent specially trained to cater to your needs. We understand the importance of customer service, and pay special attention to ensure that your home is always properly secured.


No expense is spared in ensuring the quality of your alarm monitoring and the safety of your home. LST customers benefit from the use of 5 ULC-certified stations located in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal operating simultaneously to monitor their alarm signals. In this way, we never experience high volume traffic delays and all our customers are monitored 24/7, down to the last second.


While we spare no expense in ensuring your safety, we are committed to offering you the best available prices. Switch to us today and our professional agent will not only help you make the transition smooth and effortless, but also ensure you receive the highest quality monitoring service for the best avaialbe price. Call now and start saving. We look forward to adding your name to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.


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