Business Security

LST Customer Monitoring Centers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have five Monitoring Centers to provide you with the fastest and most reliable response.

LST alarm technicians are fully trained security professionals. We only use ULC-compliant equipment, such as Honeywell, DSC, and GE. Please talk to your customer consultant to design the system that meets your unique security needs.


1. We Cover All Your Security Needs


• Opening and Closing Feature

Our system can be set up for up to 64 users. It keeps track of exactly who came in and when they disarmed the alarm system. A good option to prevent employee-related theft.


• Email or Text Message Alerts

The system sends you an email or text message nitification whenever the system is armed or disarmed. Keep track of your employee’s comings and goings easily.


• Burglary Monitoring

If a burglary alarm is received at our Monitoring Center, a trained LST professional notifies you and the police immediately.


• Temperature Monitoring

Sensors detect changes in temperature and are a great solution to help prevent high-temperature and low-temperature damage to your business.


• Fire and Smoke Monitoring

When an alarm from a fire and smoke detector is received, a trained LST professional notifies you and your local fire department immediately.


• Flood Monitoring

Helps protect your business from potential water damage. Once an alert is received, a trained LST professional notifies you immediately.

2. Make Your Business More Secure


Worry about the burglar cut the telephone line before he comes in? Use cellular alarm communicator or Internet Alarm Communicator



Our access control system can control up to 256 doors, with menu-driven software that’s comprehensive and easy to operate.

• Cellular Alarm Communicator


Our Cellular Alarm Communicator uses the cellular phone network to send alarm signals to our monitoring station, and is a good backup to landline-based alerts (line-cut technology.)


• Internet Alarm Communicator


Our Internet Alarm Communicator Works over your local LAN/WAN network or the Internet. If the signal is interrupted by anything, our monitoring stations will know it in 2 minutes. Your business is now more secure.


3. Make Your Business More Convenient


Remote Security Services 

Remote Access Security Services are convenient, easy to use, and still maintain the highest quality of protection expected of LST. Control your business alarm system from your smartphone or tablet, as well as any computer from wherever you are@ We provide alarm monitoring services, as well as live video feeds from indoor/outdoor cameras installed in your business.